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Fábrica de Malhas TIVA, Lda - Garment Confections

Fábrica de Malhas Tiva Lda is a Portuguese export textile company an in the market since 1973, operating looking into quality, professionalism and competence.

Our strength is working with any sort of textile material, in a whole range of compositions – plain, patterned or stripy, national or imported. TIVA also stands out for the variety of the options it can offer, working not only in knitwear, but also in fabric and mixes of the two.

Our goal is to provide an excellent service at a competitive price.

TIVA has an internal Pattern department with CAD which is followed by an automatic cutting, along with all sorts of sewing machinery meet the needs of our customers and their textile products.

TIVA's History

A brief history of Fábrica de Malhas TIVA, Lda

September 1973
Production of new textile items
3005 m2
The company began its industrial activity in the textile sector, in rented facilities, making and producing knitted undergarments
TIVA Knitting Factory moved to new facilities, now working on its own property which had, in the meantime, been built from scratch.
The change of facilities allowed the company to develop and produce other sorts of textile items. These were exclusively knitwear but especially aimed for women, and of a mid-high range position. The external European market was now the company’s target, which in turn became the major destination of almost all of the company’s textile production.
Meanwhile, the company made some improvements to their facilities which nowadays occupy an area of 3005 m2, with a total construction area of 3112 m2. These works allowed the company’s activity to develop in an organised and sustained manner, maintaining the levels of quality acquired over the years, and channelling all of their textile production towards the European market, which has continued to be the main destination for the company’s whole textile production.
45 years of market experience
years of market experience
High quality production
high quality production
Happy clients
happy clients

Our services

Our services include

• All-over

• Foil
• Transfer
• Water Print
• Devoré

• Dots
• Flecked
• Tranfer
• Silicone
• Digital
• Sublimated
• Corrosion
• Pigment Prints
• Devoré

• Stone wash
• Fade out
• Dry wash
• Normal
• Sand wash
• Enzyme treatment wash
• Silicone wash
• Crinkle wash
• Spray

• Pigment
• Reactive
• Cold dye pigment
• Mould
• Tie dye
• Holes

• Manual
• With stones
• Rivets
• With laser cut
• With embroidery
• English
• All-over

• Lace
• Ribbons
• Metal appliqués
• Fantasy stich
• Sequins
• Beads

45 years of
  • market
  • effort
  • inovation
  • reliability

TIVA has a team of qualified professionals and high-quality textile products, to ensure that the final outcome is one of excellent service at a competitive price.

Our Products

Tiva works with effort to offer you the highest of qualities


At TIVA we stand out for our quality, professionalism and competence.

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