Social Responsibility Code of Conduct

Company Presentation

Fábrica de Malhas Tiva, is an exporter of textile products inserted in the Portuguese market since 1973 and which has always stood out for the quality, professionalism and competence of its services.

Due to our “know-how” we can easily work with all types of textile products in a wide variety of smooth, printed or striped knitwear, both national and imported. TIVA also stands out for the variety of solutions working in addition to the knits, in fabrics and in the mixture of the two.

Our goal is to provide an excellent service at a competitive price.

The Social Responsibility Code of Conduct presented is intended to define TIVA‘s good social responsibility practices accordingly in all phases of its activities of production.

Social Responsibility Policy

TIVA implements and controls its commitment to the development of its workers, acting with rigor and social justice and respecting its integrity. It is committed to the following Social Responsibility principles:

No Child Labour

Does not use or admit the use of child labor, that is, employees under the age established by law (less than 16 years of age).


No Forced or Compulsory Labour

Does not use or admit the use of forced or compulsory labor, whether through physical imposition, threats or other forced methods, and does not apply any pressure or retention of identification documents.


Health and Safety

Ensures its employees a safe and healthy work environment. It promotes compliance with safety, health and hygiene standards and requires its suppliers and subcontractors to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.


Freedom of Association

Recognizes and respects the right of employees to freedom of association and representation, according to their free will and without pressure.



Censors any and all forms or practices of discrimination against its partners and towards its employees, depending on their race, color, sex, religion, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin, affiliation politics or religion.


Working Hours / Extra Hours

Ensures compliance with working hours and the remuneration of overtime according to the applicable legislation.


Salaries and Benefits

Recognizes that the salary is essential to satisfy the basic needs of employees and ensures all remunerations legally established, demanding from its suppliers and subcontractors, fair remuneration and in accordance with the laws in force.


Coercion and Harassment

TIVA employees and their suppliers must be treated with respect and dignity. Under no circumstances should physical punishment, threats of violence and other forms of harassment or abuse of power be allowed.


Legal Requirements

Comply with national and international laws and regulations applicable to your activity, subscribing to the Conventions of the International Labor Organization and the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



Promotes the adoption of the necessary measures to protect the environment and conducts all of its activities in accordance with the legal requirements related to environmental protection, promoting environmental management practices.



Assumes the commitment to support social, educational and environmental initiatives, promoted internally or in partnership with external institutions, leading to a more just society and fostering proximity to the surrounding community.

TIVA reaffirms its commitment, subscribing to the principles enshrined in the scope of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and the “Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization”, assuming the commitment to periodically review its performance, outlining strategies that ensure its full compliance, evaluating and disseminating its performance in the area of ​​Social Responsibility to different stakeholders.

If there is any violation of the subscribed items, either on the TIVA premises, or even on any of the subcontractors, it should be reported and addressed through the following email: All incoming emails will be treated confidentially.

Document approved by management on April 19, 2021